23.09.2013 Superabrasive New Grinding Segments
25/09/2013 10:55:55

We want to introduce to you Superabrasive New Line of Grinding Segments for Concrete aggressive grinding of any hardness.  And also we want to introduce to you the new line of diamond and plastic pads for GM and CO machines. More effectiveness for the cheaper price!


Superabrasive Company American office announced about the sale of the new line of grinding concrete rectangular segments starts from September 1, 2013. Company suggests those segments for Lavina S machines, and also other producer machines. Those segments are different because of a smaller base square and more aggressive grinding. There are many concrete densifiers have shown on the market during last 1-2 years. They makes concrete to be really hard in a couple of days after its laying. Sometimes traditional round segments (especially on a low power machines) do grinding slowly. Very long service life time and low wearing period in this case are not the decisive arguments. Because there is amount of time you need to finish your work and you should make concrete scraping very quickly, and must do it without leaving scratches on the surface. Superabrasive Company produced these segments for deeper grinding. They have increased concentration of segment diamond layer but ligaments were left unchanged. Well-liked round button segments are still available. Today Superabrasive Company works on the new line of professional tool for GM Splitstone and СO machines that are very popular among CIS countries. The company's specialists are hoping to make the product with a revolutionary quality and the cheapest surface treatment cost. 


The new line of Superabrasive diamond tool will be available in Ukraine very soon – starts from October 1, 2013. The tool samples will be presented during the 5th SUPERPOL™  Seminar in Kiev, October 2-3, 2013.

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