23.05.2013. Superpol™ Seminar, Kiev May 24-25, 2013
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23.05.2013. Superpol™ Seminar, Kiev May 24-25, 2013

4th Superpol Seminar. Kiev April, 2013

The Fourth Superpol Seminar recently has been finished.  52 participants from 35 companies took part in the Fourth Superpol TM Seminar. That event is becoming more popular among those who are interested in technology of polished concrete floors. Seminar participants from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have expressed great interest in the polished concrete as a business. All the people who have attended the Seminar do have connection to the polished concrete floors; some of them are already professionals in Superpol Technology.  Professional detailed discussion always raises the level of the event, helps to get new practical knowledge and share your own experience. Superpol TM Seminar Leaders was focused not only on the polished concrete they also presented a workshop of laying polished toppings, decorative solution - Plastobet Terrazzo and a high quality regular polished concrete.

Our company CDC wants to show respect and special thanks to our partners "Concrete-complex" Ltd (Organization with a Limited Liability from Kowalska group) for a clean (without any dust) high-quality concrete what has a high concentration of a crushed stone filler. Professionalism and honesty of concrete producing company – is one of the most important factors in getting a good polished concrete floor.

“Topping Restoration” is already working as a complete regulation for the service of polished concrete. There was a practical part on the Seminar – one peace of concrete topping floor was grinded and polished during the practical part of the Seminar. It’s easy and not expensive!  

Plastobet-Terrazzo is a decorative floor, it‘s a 16 color polymer concrete. There was a peace of Plastobet-Terrazzo floor laid and polished in 5 colors. In the middle of the floor an aluminum section was set up; this section is also good for polishing and will not change the color during the lifetime.


Need to be mentioned a new line of lithium products for hardening concrete surfaces. Ultralit trademark is a lithium densifier with a highest % of active solid in the world (highest concentration of the liquid lithium).

Superpol Seminars (Technology of the Polished Concrete Floor) became a good tradition for Russian speaking countries. The more and more today’s architects and builders prefer to use polished concrete then other kinds of the floor coverings.

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