22.01.2016 KPM-Program (Key Product Management) report for the year 2015.
26/01/2016 12:40:34


Sevitol-Diamant-Service – is the unique company on the construction market of Ukraine, which is search, process and pass the work orders to our partners. To see detailed information about KPM-program click here.

During 2015 there were searched and passed to our partners about 248 requests for cutting, drilling, grinding etc.  About 162 of those requests, have been successfully agreed, and brought a total income to our partners over 10.5 million UAH.

Who are our partners? There are companies who are using diamond segments EX and TYROLIT for cutting and drilling, diamond metal bond and plastic pads Superabrasive for grinding and polishing, lithium impregnators ULTRALIT for hardening and impregnation of concrete floors.

They can use our diamond welding center for discs and core drilling tubes and service center for equipment. Usually we do it ``today – for today``.

Join to us – ensure your business!