21.10.2013 Using ULTRALIT Lithium Densifier for a Fresh Concrete
23/10/2013 13:06:06

 Using Ultralit Lithium Densifier for a Fresh Concrete to make a dust removal and strengthening of concrete surface. One of our Superpol ™ Technology Partners just has finished Ultralit Premium pouring on the fresh concrete grinded with helicopter machines before. The cost of Economy version of the dust-free industrial floor is minimum THREE TIMES cheaper than topping-densifier and it was laid near Kiev on the one of the industrial objects. The client liked the idea of concrete dust removal and strengthening using penetrative lithium nano-densifier. In order to reduce costs surface treatment with grinding machines was skipped. Part of the treated surface was located outdoor. But it had no influence on the work quality – it did not reduce concrete hardening and dust removal rates even though the air was very humid. Should be mentioned our company has recommended to make a two-times pouring of the densifier (on the 2d and 7-10th day after its pouring) because of the open air and unpolished concrete surface. But still the one layer pouring turned out to be a very effective. Ultralit Premium consumption for a fresh unpolished concrete was 120 gr per 1 sq.m, that is twice higher rate! than average rate for a polished concrete.  


Topping-densifier laying still is a very popular technology all over the former USSR countries. But today much more clients do not want to risk because topping densifier can crack or flake off just after 1-2 years of its using.



It is much more modern and reliable to lay industrial and commercial floors using SUPERPOL ™ Polished Concrete Technology. It is much more reliable and, as it is became clear now, beneficial and cheaper per 1 sq.m. than topping densifiers.

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