20.05.15 New Product for Concrete and Stone Floors - Ultralit OWR ACRYL
21/05/2015 11:25:10

20.05.15 New Product for Concrete and Stone Floors - Ultralit OWR ACRYL

New Product from Ultralit – ULTRALIT OWR ACRYL

The official distributor of  ULTRALIT in Ukraine - Sevitol-Diamant-Servise Company presents ULTRALIT OWR ACRYL – a new product from ULTRALIT for concrete and stone floor setting and protection according to Superpol TM.

   ULTRALIT OWR ACRYL is a specially developed penetrating acrylic-based densifier. It is made to protect concrete surfaces and other floors made from different kinds of natural and artificial stone. Because of its specific properties densifier ULTRALIT OWR ACRYL protects surface and prevents water, oil and other potential liquid pollutants from penetrating the surface, and protects gloss. At the same time, the densifier is absolutely not visible on the surface, doesn’t change the color of the floor and doesn’t dim the gloss.

The video below clearly shows the protective characteristics of the densifier used on concrete B25.

Surface preparation: grinding with Superabrasive diamond segments, Ultralit Hard Standart one-time application, diamond polishing with Superabrasive plastic pads to 800 Grit and ULTRALIT OWR ACRYL one-time application.

The product will be available in Ukraine from June 1st, 2015.

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