19.11.2013 Trelawny Scarifying Machines (Great Britain) – New CDC Line Product
21/11/2013 12:48:17

New CDC Product – Trelawny Scarifying Machines


Concrete milling is a very common technical process; very useful in concrete floor and asphalt-concrete pavements leveling; removing old polymers; removing paints, destroyed floor parts and joints; road surface marking etc. With Milling Machine you can remove a concrete layer of 30-50 mm depth.

Trelawny Milling Machines are well known on the world market as very quality and trustworthy. Professionals from different countries and continents emphasize easiness in Trelawny machine running, easiness in replacement its cutters, emphasize its consumable tool quality and durability.  The manufacturer is sure the cost of 1 sq.m of processing surface is the most competitive in the world.

Trelawny Line of Milling Machines presents 3 most popular sizes 200; 260; 320 mm. That numbers show the width of surface will be treated. The company produces different models with petrol, diesel and electric engines. When you buy the machine set it includes 1 reel with a set of universal milling cutters. Special attention deserves model 320 with hydraulic feed.

 Our company are starting to work with Trelawny and preparing a rental program – couple sets of Trelawny Milling equipment for the rent all over Ukraine starts from February 2014.

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