19.10.2015 Lavina Equipment and tools successfully used by the Large Engineering Industry Enterprise of Ukraine
19/10/2015 15:06:40


Our Client, Novokramatorskiy Engineering Plant (NKMZ) has an ambitious plans and today within the enterprise reconstruction program tens of thousands of meters of old concrete floor is going to be renovated.

During last two years they have a successful experience of using equipment and tools made by SUPERABRASIVE company, represented in Ukrainian construction market as LAVINA trade mark.

A six head planetary grinding machine Lavina 32S with a vacuum cleaner, equipped by diamond metal bond or plastic bond segments, showed us predictable and reliable result  of concrete floor processing for new polymer covering  or to lay a new concrete floor, using the Superpol TM Technology – Polished Concrete Floor Laying System.

Efficiency of indicated above tools and equipment per one shift is: 700 – 900 sq.meters floor preparing for new polymer cover or 500 – 600 sq.meters ready to use polished concrete floor.

To make concrete surface hardening and dust removal use ULTRALIT sealer and lithium densifiers. ULTRALIT densifier has a maximum content of active lithium and it is #1 on the densifier market all over the world.   

Our company wishes to our partners, NKMZ Company, success and professionalism in their work!