19.08.2015 Large planetary bernisher Lavina B36G-S
02/09/2015 14:46:49

Large planetary bernisher Lavina B36G-S  is the revolution in the restoration and cleaning of floors

Superabrasive Company is the leader in the global market of planetary machines. Lavina Machines Line is a symbol of quality and reliability, which all professional contractors from USA, Australia, German, Poland and other countries are voted for.

Such models as Lavina 32, Lavina 30, Lavina 25, Lavina 20 are main helpers during the most serious projects. 1.5 years ago the company's engineers have developed and introduced to the market the world's first planetary polishing machine (burnisher) with Kawasaki gas engine. That heavy unit (weight 260 kg), has a turnover of 1550 -3000 RPM, it was designed for deep cleaning and polishing of old topping floor.

For that kind of machine the manufacturer offers Shine Pro Screen diamond mesh, Shine Pro diamond pads and HD diamond pads.

This year more than 30 cars have been sold in US and 2 machines are successfully working in Poland.

Main advantages of Lavina BG36-S:

- Great performance – 3000-4000 meters of floor can be restored during 2-3 working!

Low cost of consumables per 1 sq.m

- A wide range of solutions – from grinding concrete till its final polishing with a high gloss.

Should be mentioned, the bernisher hardly replace the heavy planetary machine but its advantage in cleaning and restoration as well as its work on large projects together with a planetary machine will significantly help to improve the economics of the project and reduce turnaround time.



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