19.08.2013 Announcement! The 5-th SUPERPOL™ Seminar. October 2-3, 2013. We want to invite you to participate!
20/08/2013 16:20:36

We invite professionals from Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan and other countries from all over the former Soviet Union!

  To Registrate on SuperpolTM Seminar, October 2-3,2013               To watch video on April Seminar 2013

SUPERPOL™ Seminars are wide known in the former Soviet space as important and significant event in the world of concrete floors. First seminar was organized in Autumn 2011, from that time it is a regular event that takes place twice a year. The goal of the Seminar is to help to know better “the polished concrete” business all those who are interested in it. Many contractors that pour concrete floor, construction companies and construction customers are glad to take part in Superpol™ Seminars, receiving or proving their knowledge and skills.

 The Seminar always takes place during 2 days. The first day of the Seminar opens with the theoretical part. At the Seminar manufacturers, engineering and chemistry company representatives are sharing about their products, demonstrating its advantages. Practical exercises conducted at various concretes, help to understand the essence of work and the economy on the device of the present polished concrete. Practical part takes place on different concrete surfaces and helps to understand the work of pouring concrete floor and polished concrete floor economy.

Today is clear to everyone polished concrete floor – it is a best, reliable and beneficial solution for large warehouses and retail spaces. Superpol Technology continues to take over the market and pushes floor toppings out of the market. Couple hundred thousand square meters of polished concrete floor will be finished this year on former Soviet territory.

 Should to be mentioned the Seminar participants are international. Life is moving that’s why new acquaintances and contacts will be in help to start a new business anywhere.

Great organization of the Seminar and comfortable atmosphere were mentioned by many of its participants.

Everyone will receive and be able to present to others after Superpol Seminar the business economy. Those who are already working with Superpol Technology can receive new knowledge and make an analysis of the mistakes they made doing their business before. 

Besides that Superpol™ Seminar includes excellent hotel, good food and all services you need available!

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