19.06.2014 Discount - WEKА Motor Service + 5 Segments With Soldering For Free!
23/06/2014 16:35:42

Important News!  You can order a full TI of the legendary WEKA DK 32 motor for concrete drilling only for 1490 UAH in June-July, 2014 and get 5 EX segments with soldering for FREE!

We know it is hard to work in today’s market there is the reason we offer you a special price on spare parts and services!

All the spare parts - 100% originally from Germany!

You can use discount WEKА Super TI during the period of June 23 till August 1, 2014.

All who has a drilling machine with WEKA 3,2 kW motor we invite to visit our Service Centre in Kiev, 32 Vasylkovskaya Street (what is the motor color, when and where the motor was bought is not important). As part of TI our experts will make a motor troubleshooting and diagnostics, besides that the price of motor service includes:

-          Replacement of gland anchor

-          Replacement of 2 bearing anchors

-          Replacing the an oil gasket

-          Replacing of carbon brushes

-          Changing oil in the gearbox

The usual cost of such TI according to the prices on today’s market is 1896 UAH (including VAT).

For our regional partners we send motor back after its TI no matter the region of Ukraine and delivery is at our expense.

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