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Heavy Division of Lavina-S Grinding Machines – efficiency, reliability and success!

Exhibition Bauma 2013. Lavina32 R-S-E

Lavina grinding-polishing machines are well known today for concrete floor grinding and polishing professionals. Construction of machine is simple and convenient for the operator. Innovative materials and developing work on the design of machines provide high reliability and productivity of Lavina grinding machines. All that innovative and developing work is based on the customers’ wishes.  During the past few years heavy machines for fast grinding of large square of hard concrete are very popular.   

We would like to introduce the 4 most popular large models of grinding machines for fast grinding and removing of concrete jelly and its following grinding and polishing of large squares.

Lavina 38G-R-S – is the heaviest in the world propane machine with remote control. Powerful motor 23kW – has a highest power in its class. Planned productivity of grinding with metal is 250-300 sq.m\hour.

Lavina 32R-S-E – it is heavy six-heads model with remote control. It has the most functional remote control system and simple dashboard. The machine is reliable and has a motor power of 15 kW for grinding and polishing of large squares.

Lavina 32M-S-E (self propelled) – it is heavy six-heads model with automatic swing (self-propelled). It provides much easy work for operator comparing to regular model Lavina 32-S-E. That machine became the best-selling model on American market among its class.

 Lavina 32-S-E – it is heavy six-heads machine, manually operated. It is easy and reliable; it has won the contractors’ trust in many countries. It is especially popular in CIS and Asian countries. It has the best price in its class. The machine provides high productivity and trouble-free work for many years.

Should to be remembered, the right choice of grinding and polishing instrument according to the specific project will bring success to your business. Our company offers you the wide assortment of diamond segments for any type of concrete; it also offers polishing pads and pads for a final polishing.


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