17.04.2014 Weka Motor is the absolute leadership in the market of diamond drilling
24/04/2014 12:10:56

Weka Motor is the absolute leadership in the market of diamond drilling. We can named for you around ten manufacturers of drilling systems, but more than 50% of professional companies in concrete cutting and drilling will emphasize WEKA Company among them. There are couples of thousands of motors today in Ukraine. Many of them were bought in the beginning of 2000 and still they continue to do active work.

What are the main advantages of WEKA motors over their competitors?

1. The real cost of a new motor without additional costs for marketing, etc. Competitors usually dramatically overestimate the cost of drilling system in order to make a 30-45% discount later. We offer WEKA motors with the real cost directly from their manufacturer!

2. The warranty. Competitors especially carefully prescribed warranty and service commitments in order to be able to refuse them later. Our Company provides UNCINDITIONAL guarantee for WEKA motors on a period of 12-18 months; and also in case of a warranty repair – provides a replacement motor for you during all the time of repair.

3. The cost of post-warranty repair. It is really low. You can fix your WEKA motor for absolutely ridiculous price comparing to competitors’ motors. For example, 3,2 kW motor inspection will cost around $150; it is 3-4 times cheaper comparing to competitors’ prices.

4. Motor durability. All parts and chassis of WEKA motor are made of high-quality metals with German precision. Plastic parts are excluded. That is why it is common to WEKA motor to have 10-15 years life time; the same cannot be said about its competitors.

WEKA motors – are breadwinners! They give an opportunity to survive successfully during times of crisis for many different size companies. Power and reliability of the motor were estimated by many years of experience in the toughest conditions!

You can always find professional answers to your questions about WEKA motors! Warranty service, maintenance and repair service from CDC always go together with sales of new motors and sales of motors being in use before.

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