15.05.2013 Ultralit – Lithium Product for Concrete Coverings
16/05/2013 10:08:22

- Ultralit – quality mark product using for concrete floor hardening and servise.

- Ultralit - №1 lithium product in the world  according to the quality and % concentration of the liquid lithium.  

- Ultralit – the best economics all over the world according to expenses on 1 sq.m of concrete floor.

Lithium Densifiers are taking over concrete densifier market very fast. The advantages of lithium densifiers are obvious and do not need more proof today. Perhaps the only one limiting factor for lithium densifier technology development is the cost of raw material for the lithium densifier production. The right lithium glass is produced only by couple manufacturers in the world. Price of the active lithium is high; that is why many producers prefer sodium silicates, potassium silicates in order to decrease the cost of raw material. Many concrete liquid hardener producers lay lithium product with low concentration of lithium or (and) mix lithium product with sodium, potassium, magnesium. Than the cost of 1 liter of the densifier become less expensive to produce. But such savings have negative influence on the floor hardening quality; reduce abrasive resistance of the floor, especially of not quality concrete or fresh concrete, unpolished concrete.

Choosing the strategic partner for Superpol TM - Concrete Polishing System, we looked only at high-quality concrete densifier producers. In order to sell quality product as good for polished concrete as for not polished concrete. 

Today we are glad to offer you Ultralit TM. We have been leading negotiations during last 6 months. During that time we did tests of the Ultralit product in Ukraine and USA. The results we received were great. Ultralit densifier coefficient of hardening and abrasion resistance twice better than the coefficient of its nearest competitors. After doing all the analysis of the recipe and dry residue of the densifier we decide to choose Ultralit product. It became really clear to all of us the good words we heard about Ultralit product happened to be true!

For today Ultralit product has the highest percent of liquid lithium in the world!

More information about ULTRALIT product read here.

The product will be available in Ukraine starts from May 27, 2013.

Standard packages – 2-liter cans and 30-liter cans.

In order to buy 200-liter can and 1000-liter can you should send previous request will be sent.