13.01.2014 New Superabrasive HD Pads for Heavy Grinding Machines
16/01/2014 10:53:33

New Superabrasive HD Pads for concrete surface grinding with a heavy grinding machine. Resistance has increased significantly still having an excellent quality of surface treating.

During last 2 years NATO polishing pads from Superabrasive Company have become perhaps the most popular pads for honing and polishing of concrete and stone surfaces. The pads work great in both dry and wet conditions on machines of any weight and size. However, NATO pads have only one lack – a quick wearing of pads when work with 50-100-200 Grit on a soft concrete using a big machine with increased pressure on the surface. To be related to the big machines with increased pressure on the surface can such machines as Lavinа 25; Lavina 30; Lavina 32, and also other brand machines with weight more than 200-250 kg.

To the traditional exhibition WOC -2014 in Las Vegas Superabrasive Company presented a new line of polishing pads with outstanding wear resistance. Efficient work of heavy grinders "plus" 80% -100% to the traditional NATO pads. It means the cost of concrete surface polishing and honing with HD pads almost twice cheaper than before. Besides that, you do not need to install 4-5 pads per 1 head on a large machine, 3 will be quite enough.

NEW! Heavy Duty Resin Pads

NATO Pads are still available during the all next season.

HD Pads are in Ukraine starts from January 27, 2014!  


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