12.09.2013 Legendary Hydraulic Wall Saw – TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS PPH20 – it is a best solution for reinforced concrete cutting.
12/09/2013 16:20:35

Legendary Hydraulic Wall Saw  – TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS PPH20 – it is a best solution for reinforced concrete cutting.  Special price for Autumn 2013 – 339000 UAH  = Wall Saw Set + 3 diamond blades with laser segment soldering 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm. 

Today the competition on the building market is very high, the work amount is not enough and the client often is not paying on time for the job have been done. Like never before, in the situation of tough competition wins the one who has the best organized business, the one who can calculate their costs, reduce the work cost.

It is important to answer the question “how low I can go down in price”? If it concerning a wall saw – “Is it possible to cut with price 600-700 UAH/sq.m per section when you have a big amount of work”? And  “ Can I receive a profit doing that job”? After all, all the market participants complain on dumping.  But to go down in price  - you need to be able to answer the question "How much down in price I can go"? We are sure it is possible to have a good price today you just need to organize your business right.

Equipment buying:

The right choice lies in the middle of the business economics. You should make a choice; the choice is always after you!  We recommend you to make an analysis of the companies are working in the building market over 5-10 years. They will tell you – it is not a nice look or promises you need to choose! We are ready to named for you all the advantages of TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS machines but every one other who uses our equipment over 5-10 years will do it better.

The choice between the electrician and hydraulics:

Today, high frequency electrical equipment - is a European trend and fashion. Electric machines are easier in transportation but professionals in diamond cutting in such countries as Germany and Poland continue to work with hydraulic machines. Why? Because it is much beneficial to work on big project with those machines. It is very rare for hydraulic machines to break down and even if it happens - repair process takes a little time. The cost of hydraulic machines repair is nothing compare to high power electric machine repair. We are offering you to look at the graphic we have received from our partners from Poland. Around 1000 wall saws with different power rates are working there now. That data was collected over the past 5 years by one of the consulting companies. The myth that one person is enough to operate an electric machine is just a myth. In the real work atmosphere you need a shifter there, which means 2 persons should to be working with one machine. That means  the safety of your equipment and tools and good speed of your work.


Consumable tool selection: 

It is directly related to your machine capacity, the more power it has – the more “durable” diamond tool you can use. If the power is 10 kW – on the same speed you have to use more "soft" tool with a small resource. If the power is 20 or 25 kW – your diamond tool working life will increase on 50 - 100%. It will reduce your costs on 80-150 UAH\per 1 sq.m. of the cutting surface. Besides that it is beneficial to have different sets of diamond tool: for an “easy reinforced” concrete – more “hard” segments, for a “high strength” reinforced concrete – more “soft” ones. We offer you EX diamond tool line – the best choice for professionals.

Service and repair:

Service and repair of a wall saw should not take more than 20-30 UAH/1 sq.m of the cutting surface. How to calculate that? Take the receipts you have paid to one supplier for the last 1-2 years. And if you have clear number of how many sq.m. of the cutting surface you have done during that period - divide the amount of repairs and service on the number of cutting surface sq.m.

Should to be mentioned the amount of repairs and routine maintenance for the first 24 months of the TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS equipment operation will be equal “0”.  It is agreed and proved with the Supply Contract without any tricks.

We are sure – You will make a right choice starting or improving your business.



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