12.08.2015 KPM-Program It’s a Search for Amounts of Work for Our Partners
17/08/2015 13:00:21

12.08.2015 KPM-Program (Key Product Management) - Searching for Amounts of Work for Our Partners

Sevitol-Diamant-Service presents KPM- program – it is the only system on the market of Ukraine which search, process and pass the work orders to our partners. It includes:

  1. Help in finding objects and amounts of work.
  2. Help in choosing and coordinating the work technology with the customer.
  3. Help in the shaping the offer.
  4. Equipment renting is available without a bail for program participants.
  5. Special prices for supplies and equipment.
  6. Flexible payment system for program participants.
  7. Special conditions for equipment service and repair, repurchase of equipment being used and much more.

During the first half of 2015 year we have passed to our contractors 103 work requests. 78 of those requests have been agreed and brought a total income to our partners of over 3.8 million uah.

We exist to help professionals in the diamond cutting and drilling and polished concrete floors producing. Our strategic goal is to provide quality amount of work to our partners. To see detailed information about KPM-program click here.

KPM-program (Key Product Management) – it’s a searching and passing orders to our partners-contractors.