11.02.2014 Concrete cutting in winter with temperature below 0۫ C
13/02/2014 15:05:28

Concrete cutting in winter at a temperature below 0۫ C? How to make right working calculations?               

Experienced concrete cutters can easily give answers to those questions. In winter life on a construction site does not stop completely. However, it becomes much harder to work; work productivity is fading; and equipment often brakes down. The reasons of that – it is freezing of water, which is needed for concrete cutting and drilling. Hydraulics that is heated not enough and condensate in electrical connections also have a big influence.

Some advices for concrete cutting and drilling using wall saws and drilling machines in winter:

  • Do not use equipment at a temperature below -3۫ C. Your client will insist on that, but in most cases he will not pay for your downtime, shorter working days and other difficulties;

  • At night and on weekends try to store equipment in a heated room.

  • Take your equipment for service check after the work at a low temperatures – maybe now it still is enough just to replace some pads or spare parts (and do not replace the whole motor).

  •  It is important to remember when you do work calculation - working day at construction site in winter is shorter minimum on 15-20%. But you still need to pay the same salary for staff (or even higher) than in summer time.

  • Before you start to work on a project don’t forget about downtimes connected with temperature below 0۫ С. If you will not have that item agreed in your contract you risk getting penalties for failing work terms.

We hope the advices above will be useful to you, maybe even these next couple days!

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