10.12.2014 Terrazzo floor restoration. Supermarkets network – Poland.
25/12/2014 12:19:13

Terrazzo old floor restoration. Poland.  

Building market of our western neighbors develops dynamically. Today Poland is a first beneficiary for EU investments. Industry and trade are developing successfully in country.

Superabrasive’s distributor  –  Lavina Company  is in Poland market around 9 month already. Despite its young age, company business is progressing well. Among the clients of Lavina there are many significant investors and customers. Recently, one of the Lavina certified contractors signed a one-year contract on the floor restoration in supermarkets network all over Poland.

The largest retailer has standards on what kind of floor should be in the markets – it’s a light color agglomerate TERRAZZO tile. The tile was laid 10-15 years ago. The floor by this time order has lost gloss and good looking. In addition, it is planned to change the standards of floor service and limit the use of cleaning chemicals which will decrease the cost of daily cleaning almost in 4 times. It is planned to do daily cleaning using a floor cleaning machine with a diamond pad Shine Pro BUFF and regular water. That approach to a daily cleaning came from the US and Australia and becomes more and more popular in Europe.

Contractor has to do more than 95,000 sq.m. of floor restoration through the year. In the work process will be used Superabrasive consumables and Ultralit chemicals. The work has been started in November and has to be done in December 2015.  

The workers do 80% of the restoration during the night without stopping the Market’s work.

Grinding \ polishing is dry.

It is hard to count the costs of that kind of floor restoration according to approximate information, but we can say it is around 9 EURO \ 1 sq.m. (VAT not included).

Should to be mentioned, the cost of all the diamond consumables and chemicals (VAT not included) will take around 2 EURO \1 sq.m.

1 team of workers (2 persons) can make approximately130 sq.m. of the floor restoration during one shift 8-9 hours (8 steps of grinding\polishing – to 1800 Grit). During the work will be used Lavina 25 and Lavina 32 machines, and also machines from other manufacturers.

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