10.06.2013 Cost of Concrete Parking Floor starts with $1,2 (10 UAH) per 1sq.m of Concrete Surface!
11/06/2013 17:57:04

10.06.2013 Cost of Concrete Parking Floor starts with $1,2 (10 UAH) per 1sq.m of Concrete Surface! 

No hardened toppings! No polymers and lacquers! Quick and secure! Minimum of materials and work!

You can build any Car Parking near the Houses or Malls and Offices without using Hardened Toppings. Hardened Toppings are not expensive today. You need around 4-5 kg of Hardened Topping per 1 sq.m of concrete floor. 1sq.m of concrete topping floor costs around $2-3,5. That price includes lacquer cost (around $0,7-1 per 1 sq.m) and cost of the work (around $1-2 per 1 sq.m.). The cost of the ready topping floor (without rental cost of machines and cost of the work) will be equal to $3,7 -$6,5 per 1 sq.m. 

But still there is a real risk remains. Risk of wrong topping application, risk of making topping of bad quality, risk of future floor cracking and topping wearing out over the next 2-5 years. Topping it is always 2-4mm depth second layer on the concrete floor. A second layer may be separated from the first and destroyed under the influence of different temperatures, wrong laying technology, mechanical damages and floor operation conditions etc.

It is expensive enough to restore destroyed topping. You will need to do surface grinding and polishing + hardening and dust removal with densifiers. That is why ULTRALIT lithium densifier is a great alternative to hardened topping today. Important thing it is not expensive!

The densifier should be sprayed on the fresh concrete with the regular spray ones or twice. In the end we will receive hard dust-free surface ready for use in 2-3 hours after densifier application. Densifier cost + working cost will be equal to $1,5-2 what is THREE TIMES CHEAPER than topping.

That kind of surface will serve you for a long time because lithium densifiers are not creating additional layer on the surface. Hardening and dust removal is happening cause of the lithium polysilicate reaction to concrete surface salt. Hardening and dust removal is happening ones in a life time of concrete floor. Beside that the surface could be easily restored by lithium densifier recoating in 5-10 years without grinding and concrete layer removing.


We are offering you to compare orders and costs of 2 types of hardened and dust-freed concrete floors. You can look at the process from the beginning to the end and after you analyze the ready surface make your choice!

ULTRALIT – new lithium product on the market with a maximal concentration of active lithium.

Ultralit Densifier Amount Consumed - 50-120 g\1 sq.m

Savings you receive lying concrete floor with lithium densifiers comparing to topping floor will be in amount of 15-45 UAH per 1 sq.m.

30 liter Cans for professionals

2 liter Cans for those who wants to try and for those who works with small areas

Lithium and Sodium Densifier Comparing watch here.