09.07.2013 Starts on July, 1 our Company have approved the new service standards for our Service Center
10/07/2013 11:54:32

CDC Service Center New Standards!

Our Company is working on the standards of its Service Centre. Our strategy is to save our Partners’ time and money and still make the highest quality service. We have simplified the posses of using equipment replacement fund while your machine is being at the Repair Center. We have reduced the Repair Time and make higher standards for the Warranty Service.  

Those who are making money using imported building equipment know three main problems:

  1. the downtime created because of equipment repaire

To minimize machine downtime we have formed the equipment replacement fund. Today it includes boring machines, wall saws, floor saws, grinding machines and industrial vacuum cleaners. We continue to study the needs of our clients and add continually equipment to our replacement fund and our rental equipment fund.

  1. the high price of imported parts

To optimize the supply of spare parts we have defined the nomenclature of most popular equipment units and machinery spare parts. Starts on July 1, we have increased equipment assortment on Kiev store to 90%.

  1. long delivery term of the spare parts from abroad

Our logistic department received the additional conditions on the timing and cost of express deliveries of the spare parts and components from abroad. Quick delivery time is defined as a main priority. Besides that we have changed the ordering procedure for the spare parts producing at our Metal Processing Center. It will help us to reduce deliveries from the abroad of those parts we can produce in Kiev.

We have made an analysis of the work of our Service Center for the period of 2012 year. We see positive changes - customer satisfaction with our service and product increased to 121% compared to the year 2011!

Today we continue to work on Service Department improvement and we need your help in that process. We are looking for your advices about service quality improvement.