08.11.2013 New Line of Superabrasive Double Segments
11/11/2013 17:59:04

Attention! New Line of Superabrasive Double Segments is here in Ukraine!

Many concrete scraping, grinding and polishing contractors often ask: How many square miters can process one set of grinding segments? The question is being asked very often. The most common opinion is that as much durable segment is as much better it is! But now many of those who grind and polish know diamond tool durability – is just a one characteristic from many others. You can’t forget about capacity production. Because if the tool is chosen not correctly it will be wear out quickly or simply will not grind at all. What factors have an influence on the tool life and its production characteristics?

1. Diamond tool pressure per 1 sq.mm of the treated surface. This characteristic depends on tool chose and weight of machine you chose. The harder a pressure the more aggressive is tool, but the life of the tool is shorter in that case.

2. The right choice of a type of a diamond tool according to the hardness and abrasiveness of a surface. For example, you have a hard concrete and have chosen by mistake a tool for a soft concrete. Apparently you will receive tool sliding on the surface instead of surface grinding and scraping. Of course, that tool will not be worn out, but also it won’t be doing the surface treating at all. And the opposite way – if you have a soft and abrasive concrete and a tool for a hard concrete treating you will see the tool you have will be worn out very quickly.

Careful selection of a diamond tool will allow you to save money on every square meter of a treated surface. You can save your time and money on 50-150% per 1 sq.m if you doing concrete grinding with a quality tool! We recommend you to use the advices of experienced professionals in choosing diamond tool for concrete floor grinding and polishing.

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