08.07.2015 Floor Saw FS-875 - Electrical Motor With Power of 7,5 kW! The Best Price! The Warranty Period 24 months!
16/07/2015 13:19:06

Floor Saw FS-875 - Electrical Motor With Power of 7,5 kW!

The Best Price and Quality! The Warranty Period 24 months!

Companies who work in the construction industry, in road construction, take part in the reconstruction of industrial buildings and facilities, pave the various underground utilities etc. are often face the need to cut horizontal concrete surface of different thickness.

The best solution for this issue – to use floor saws and disks with soldered diamond segments on it.

Sevitol-Diamon-Service Company offers you Floor Saw with an electric motor of 7.5kW. It has the ability to use a diamond disc with diameter of 800 mm, what allows to cut surface of the thickness up to 320 mm.

    In order to achieve the maximum acceptable price, FS-875 model was developed and produced in cooperation with our partners in Europe according to requirements of the modern Ukrainian market of building equipment. The main components and assemblies are manufactured in Europe, the frame and the final settings are done in Ukraine. Such cooperation allows reducing the cost of the floor saw more than in 2 times in comparison to the analog models of another manufacture.

Our Company provides a full range of equipment service and provides a guarantee for 24 months.

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