06.08.2015 Concrete Floor for Parking Lots, Price $1,4 (34 UAH) per 1 sq.m of hardened surface!
10/08/2015 15:36:12

06.08.2015  Concrete Floor for Parking, Price $1,4 (34 UAH)

Today, in the period of stagnation in construction market, when customers and contractors are working on saving resources, the topical issue is reducing the cost of materials and work on big non trading areas - parking lots, warehouses, etc. The only alternative for toppings in the low-cost solutions is application of ULTRALIT lithium densifier. That densifier applies by any of spray system on the fresh concrete, one time or twice. As a result we have a dust-free hardened surface ready for use in 2-3 hours after densifier application.

Densifier cost + the cost of application work will be $ 1.4 per 1 sq.m. what is CHEAPER ABOUT HALF THE PRICE, THREE TIMES FASTER and MANY TIMES EASIER then application of toppings. The strengthening and dust removal of concrete surface occurs because of the reaction made by lithium polysilicate and concrete components. It is important to know the surface is easy to "feed" when using and it becomes stronger with time. In order to do the “feeding” while cleaning the surface you should add to a tank of washing machine specially designed ULTRALITE products to take care of concrete surfaces. After a long period of time (5-7 years) the surface can be easily restored with reapplying of lithium densifier without need of grinding and removing the surface layer of concrete.

No toppings! No polymers and coatings! Fast and reliable! Minimum of materials and work!

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