06.08.2013 EX Diamond Segments, Cores and Blades – today are the best economics in the industry field.
13/08/2013 17:47:38

Great Offer! New line of EX Diamond Tool (diamond blades, cores and segments) – much more effective and less in cost! Modern technologies in cutting and drilling tool production right from Europe here in Ukraine starts from August 5 2013.

“ There is nothing new to come, all that can be innovate have been already  innovated” – that phrase was sad by George Gordon Duel, Chief Executive of U.S. Patent Office, in 1899. We can see now he was wrong. During last hundred years the world has been changed so much. And still this world continues to change. When first synthetic diamond has been innovated in 1948 at the General Electric Research Laboratory not many can imagine such active development of diamond technologies in the industrial and building sector. Today, after more than half of the century passed, the possibilities of synthetic diamonds are impressive indeed. Reinforced Concrete diamond cutting and drilling are becoming more and more popular in building works, at the same time technology and tools are becoming more and more effective. Because of the modern innovations the cost of the instrument decreases and its service life and drilling speed increase.  

New line of EX Diamond Tool – it is one of the best products on the diamond tool market. Tests have been made at our Service Center in Kiev showed the great results. Its cutting speed, endurance and speed of metal cutting are the best comparing to its analogues. Need to be mentioned it provides low pressure on machine components. The tool is working “softly” and fast. The product is wholly (100%) producing in Western Europe. Excellent quality! And what about the price? We have been worked to make it acceptable.

ЕX Segment Booklet

The better offer today to get prepaid packages:

 (100 segments + restoration) price for drilling:

45,90 UAH per 1 Segment

(150 segments + restoration) price for concrete cutting with a wall saw:

43,20 UAH per 1 Segment

 Try EX Diamond Tool and you will see you’ll be pleased with its work and greatly surprised with its quality!


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