06.03.2014 Do you want to reduce the cost of diamond segments in 2014?
14/03/2014 11:22:02

New Discount-Price will be available from March 10, 2014.

We have been focused on the benefits of our partner-contractors while created the price on diamond segment for reinforced concrete drilling and cutting. Every company which works on reinforced concrete cutting and drilling market buys diamond segments for diamond cores and blades. Need for segments soldering depends on company size and amount of work company does, and varies from 200 to couple thousands segments per year. We all know - current assets are not enough and prepayment for diamond tool is not welcoming. However, maybe it is worth to rethink and choose something from the PRICE-LIST what can be beneficial for you. Especially interesting that offer would be for those who do a lot of reinforced concrete cutting and drilling.

 Discount-Price on Diamond Segments

Our managers with a big pleasure will help you to choose quality segments and organize a quick and quality restoration of a diamond tool.

We will work on keeping prices unchanged during a year, even despite EURO is growing. In our DISCOUNT-PRICE you will find only quality tools came from Western Europe.

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