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Concrete grinding and polishing technologies. Equipment for laying concrete, tools, densifiers and chemical products for concrete . Plastobet-Terrazzo - new polymer-concrete floor technology. Contractor Certification.

Place: Hotel Restaurant "Babushkin Sad", Mria village, Kiev Region
Audience: construction companies, contractors, the company's thoughts device floors

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+38 044 5023329;

around 60 people


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For a long time the CDC has been known on the Ukrainian construction market as a moderator of new ideas. Our experts constantly analyze creations of the world leaders. We know and understand the actual situation of conducting business in Ukraine, especially the one that is associated with the industrial and civil construction, stone cutting, and barrow excavation. It is not a secret that lots of foreign technologies in these sectors cannot be used today on our market due to various reasons. Trade and service policies of many large European and American companies are often unacceptable to our customers. Ukraine is a large country with a quite underdeveloped market, difficult conditions of crediting and conducting business. Here the initial cost of technology or equipment is often of the primary importance, but not the quality and effectiveness of the final product. It should not be ignored. However, quality is appreciated everywhere and Ukraine is not an exception.

The CDC specialists are ready to tell and show how to make money on our market, using modern building techniques for the treatment of hard materials. For this purpose we regularly give seminars and trainings for professionals of the construction market. Every participant will always be able to gain new knowledge about business and its structure, know more about the benefits of the products offered by the CDC specialists, get special prices, discounts and the promotional materials, as well as acquire new useful contacts.

Certified contractors and contractors of the CDC often get the opportunity to participate in major projects at the recommendation of our management.

Local training, training in the office of CDC.

The advantages of a certified contractor.

Questions and answers.