Why choose the CDC

The CDC is a dynamically growing company with a clear development strategy. Motivated and qualified employees who share our values and want to grow professionally, develop together with us and will always find understanding and support in our team.

If you are a professional, let's work together, responsibly and accurately, adhering to the rules and standards tested by the time.

Corporate values


• We are a customer-oriented company ready to do everything, or almost everything to meet the needs of our clients.

• Everything we do must be of a high quality. Compromises, connected with the quality of the final product are unaccepted.

• We are always looking for opportunities and do not refer to the reasons.


• We perceive the CDC more as a team;

• The process of implementing the strategy depends on our employees, so they are the main value and potential of the CDC;

• We strive to realize the potential of each employee and are ready to contribute to the development of personality.


• Forming a pricing policy, we create an optimal quality - price ratio.

• We offer Ukrainian market only advanced technologies that hold leading positions on the global market.

• We make quality logistics, warranty and after warranty service corresponding to world standards;

• We strive for the highest level of organization of all business processes;



• We work for a common purpose; we trust and help each other to cooperate;

• Every employee in our team understands and shares the responsibility for people who work side-by-side;

• We live according to our corporate culture and consider it our competitive advantage;


• We work so as to be an example to follow;

• We think globally and do everything possible to strengthen leading positions of our company on the market.