Our company began its work on diamond technologies market in 1994 as a concrete drilling and cutting contractor. At that time very few people in Ukraine could imagine that reinforced concrete can be drilled with diameters ranging from 50 to 500 mm. We were the first in our country (in 1995) to purchase a German drilling machine with capacity of 2.4 kW and equipped with WEKA motor, which successfully worked for 8 years under very hard conditions and was faced out in 2003. Analyzing the products of the leading manufacturers of drilling machines, our experts quickly determined that nearly 70% of them use German WEKA motors of various capacities - from 1.3 kW to 7.5 kW. WEKA motors is now a symbol of reliability and quality. Almost all companies, which are professionally engaged in concrete cutting and drilling, have in their arsenal WEKA motors, which has proved itself at the construction sites in Ukraine for the last ten years.

Now our sales department along with our main partner in the implementation of equipment for concrete cutting and drilling - Austrian company TYROLIT - offer motors of this German manufacturer.

For the past years, our sales team, our partners and competitors have implemented over a thousand drilling systems of different power capacity equipped with WEKA motors.

Our service center offers spare parts and WEKA motors reparation service for professional drilling systems of various manufacturers of diamond equipment. We will carry out diagnostics, fix spare parts and test motor on a concrete slab in our service center.

All repairs of WEKA motors are carried out with a 6 months guarantee on the electrical part. All reparations will be carried out within 48 hours on condition that all spare parts are available in the SDS warehouse.

If you have drill system with WEKA motor, our service center is at your disposal.

We will send the repaired and ready to run WEKA motor to any part of Ukraine at our expense


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