In the process of diamond drilling and concrete cutting, diamond segments reach the end of their service life, evenly grind off, and as a result, diamond tools become worthless, but the metal body remains intact.

In our service center we can offer welding of diamond segments, restoration and adjustment of diamond core drills and discs, increasing life utility of diamond tools. Within 24 hours, diamond core drills, that have become useless, and diamond blades for wet cutting with diameter ranging from 250 to 2.200 mm can regain cutting capability.

The quality of the restored diamond core drill/ diamond blade doesn’t practically differ from a new one, but its cost is about 50% lower. You only pay for diamond segments and work on the restoration. Metal body of the diamond core drill (tube) may be used for more than 10 times after a preliminary assessment of its maintainability. Here you can also purchase high-quality metal bodies.

Restoration of diamond tools usually involves the following operations:

• removal (unwelding) the balance of worn bearing segments of the body;

• monitoring and correction of the shape and stress condition of the body;

• abrasive cleaning of the contact surface of body teeth;

• welding of new segments;

• verification and correction of the diamond blade stress condition;

• abrasive opening of diamond grains on the surface of the segments.

Our experts use modern equipment, special materials and have many years’ experience in the restoration of diamond tools.

If your diamond tool cannot be repaired, you can buy discs, core drills, segments, diamond grinding wheels for concrete drilling, for circular cutting of concrete and stone. There are various diameters, different ranges from economy class to the most expensive and high-quality series.

A new series of TYROLIT Premium diamond segments adds to your diamond tool 50% of the service life. This is the best quality and durability at the maximum speed of drilling.

Production technologies of TYROLIT diamond segments are ultra- modern achievements of the company. They eliminate the impact of human factor on the quality of diamond segments.

Today, TYROLIT diamond segments used for cutting and drilling of concrete, asphalt and stone are very popular and successfully operated in more than 100 countries.

For restoration you need to send a diamond tool to Kiev in any way convenient for you. Sending a tool from the regions is carried out by the sender. After restoration of your diamond tool, we will immediately send it to the customer to any part of Ukraine at our own expense.

For our partners in Kiev the procedure is much more convenient. We come to you, take your instrument for restoration, restore it and deliver it back within 1 day.


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