Even the most reliable construction equipment, as well as other mechanisms, tends to break down sooner or later. Of course, it is possible to extend the working life of a mechanism through regular checkups and compliance with the rules and requirements for the maintenance of the equipment, although there might still be a need for reparation and replacement parts.

Companies, dealing with equipment, are well aware of the fact that a standstill caused by the breakdown of an excavator, drilling devices, hydraulic breakers, drilling machine, floor saw, wall or wire saws, concrete breaker and other construction equipment, leads to breakdowns in timing of the work. That is why it is so important to entrust your construction equipment to a reliable company, staffed by professionals who will quickly and efficiently repair, replace the worn parts and carry out warranty and post-warranty services.

Our company has over 15 years’ experience on the construction market of Ukraine.

In addition to selling equipment and ready-made solutions for our clients, we provide repair and maintenance service of hydraulic breakers and crushers INDECO, wire and wall saws, floor saws, bursting system TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS.

In order to efficiently and accurately repair mechanisms, our company has everything needed:

• quick delivery of spare parts for reparation;

• staff of professional engineers, experts of their work;

• modern service centre;

• large fleet of replacement tool;

• unique base of documents which allows to troubleshoot and find the right codes for spare parts;

• qualified logistics department;

• formed warehouse of spares for our customers

In the case of minor breakdown of a hydraulic breaker, hydraulic crushers or diamond equipment, repairs can be carried out on the customer’s area. The company’s Customer Service will arrive to the client and perform any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

To extend the working life of construction equipment you should entrust the maintenance of construction equipment to the professionals of our company, because a minor problem revealed in time can help to avoid a large expenditures in the future.

Service contract, concluded with us for the time of warranty and post-warranty services and reparation of construction equipment, will help to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts which may arise during scheduled and unscheduled reparations and services.

We work for professionals and constantly improve our service system. Our company focuses on reparations of construction equipment sold by our Sales Department. We forecast a stock of spare parts on the basis of our clients’ needs.

Among loyalty programmes that we developed there are a number of interesting offers for partners and users of construction equipment ever purchased by our company.


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