Watch the video of concrete cutting with HYDROSTRESS wire saw

Watch the video of TYROLIT WX 15 E wall saw + wire saw - an advantageous mobile solution

The great advantage of wire sawing is that there is basically no limit to the density, depth and shape of the material to be cut. Besides, TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS wire saws make it possible to cut objects of various form and from any angle. That is why, cutting of reinforced concrete and concrete – in places where it is difficult to cut – is no longer a problem.

Wire saws are modular constructions of different power, consisting of electric and hydraulic drive rollers and electro-hydraulic power station. TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS wire saws are used for diamond cutting of reinforced concrete structures with the help of a diamond wire. This equipment is useful when the reinforced concrete structure is over 500 mm deep, as well as for cutting reinforced concrete constructions of abnormal shape such as berths, bridges, columns, back walls, etc. TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS wire saws will help you quickly and accurately cut the reinforced concrete structure 3-5 or more metres deep.

In diamond wire saws it is only the wire that is used for carrying out operations. It is a very hard metal wire fitted with diamond connectors. First, the diamond wire is pulled through a series of holes cut in the wall; and then it starts cutting. At all times the diamond wire is cooled by free flowing water. A high quality and accuracy of cutting are achieved due to special TYROLIT diamond wires.

If you manage to choose a suitable technology for concrete cutting with a wire saw, modules and a diamond wire, it will enable you to achieve maximum performance throughout the cutting process and reduce demolition terms. Our experts will help you develop a demolition project, provide machines, modules and diamond wires in compliance with technical tasks, and will also train your staff and provide technical support for the cutting process. Our service department as well as the warehouse for spare parts will see to it that continuous standstill should be avoided. Having been used at various construction sites throughout Ukraine for more than 10 years, TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS Swiss tools have proven to be reliable and efficient. We were the first to introduce diamond wire saws on the market, and today our wire saws are successfully utilized by a number of specialized companies. Wire saws are more often used for stone cutting and in the mineral industry. Using modern high-tech machines and tools makes it possible for you to cut such hard materials as granite, marble and sandstone either when cutting mines, or on a daily basis at a stone-working plant. Permanent wire saws are used for cutting blocks into slabs, cutting out angles and round shapes. The German and Italian companies are leaders in wire machine production. Our company will provide you with high-tech diamond wires for different types of wire equipment used for reinforced concrete and stone cutting.

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