TYROLIT New Wall Saws - 17 kW, 26 kW

The HYDROSRESS wall saw (wall sawing machine) is a modular wall system consisting of a track mounted unit, saw head with hydraulic drives and electro-hydraulic power system. The track is bolted to the concrete wall surface with special aluminum or steel rails. Wall saws are flexible diamond cutting tools for reinforced concrete cutting up to 1,5 m deep. Cutting is performed with a diamond blade of 700-1,600m diameter (maximum diameter – 2,200 mm). The TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS wall sawing machine is in class of its own in terms of being highly reliable and efficient. All the professionals working in the fields of diamond cutting and reinforced concrete drilling appreciate the quality of wall sawing machines – which have been used in Ukraine since the year of 2000 – even if they do not utilize them for challenging tasks.

TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS wall saws differ from other manufacturers’ saws by their simplicity and high cutting speed. Modern wall saws can be fitted with electric drives to ensure greater mobility, or they can be hydraulic, working along with the hydraulic power system. It is up to you to choose a model. However, it is worth mentioning that TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS electric wall saws are fitted with high-frequency motors and blocks with complicated electronics. In case the electrical part is damaged, not only will it be practically impossible to repair the wall saw on your own, but it will be costly to apply to a service centre of the supplier. And suppliers, on their part, often take advantage of such situations, thus making money from the service. As regards hydraulics, nowadays there are more than 50 sets of equipment working in Ukraine which have been sold for the past 10 years. Undoubtedly, it is a reliable and time-proven solution.

Experts working for the SDS will help you choose wall saws, diamond blades and segments suitable for them; train your staff to work with the equipment and assist in carrying out complicated concrete diamond cutting projects. TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS wall saws stand from the crowd with their stable, predictable and highly-effective performance. Our service, fund for equipment replacement and loyalty programs allow our partners to practically avoid technological standstill during the working process. The use of a high-tech TYROLIT diamond tool, its restoration and segment soldering, carried out in our centre, will make diamond cutting performance profitable, and will allow you to earn money.

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