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TRELAWNY Scarifying Machines are produced in Great Britain and well known as most efficient scarifying machines in the world. Simple and trustworthy in design, easy run, low processing cost per 1sq.m of the surface. That is what makes difference between TRELAWNY and its competitors.

In construction business scarifying machines are used for leveling concrete floors, to fix the prominences on concrete surface, reduce risings and saggings. Because of the cutter hard alloy TRELAWNY Scarifying Machines can effectively remove the concrete surface of 5 mm depth per 1 pass.

With its compact design TRELAWNY Scarifying Machines can work on places hard to get to. With TRELAWNY Machines you can lower concrete floor height; make chamfers in concrete; remove old surface cover, paints and polymers; change concrete thickness; make furrows in concrete.

The complicated projects you can finish very quickly and efficiently with TRELAWNY Machines because of the high stiffness and exceptional quality of the milling work surface. Its service life can be up to 10 000 thousands sq.m of the removed surface and even more. The optimal combination of solid materials and precise cutter balancing provide minimal index of mechanical and radial reel run-out in the milling process.

TRELAWNY Scarifying Machines are useful to work on the small surface squares and the same on the big ones. It is possible to order an electrically operated machine and also petrol or diesel engine machine. Larger models have hydraulic flow what makes positive difference between TRELAWNY and its competitors.

Our Service Center provides the warranty and service guaranty for your TRELAWNY Machine. We keep at our Company stock in Kiev enough of hard alloy cutters and spare parts for scarifying machines.

Starts from February 2014 our Company are planning to pass 2 of TRELAWNY Scarifying Machines into the rent service all over the territory of Ukraine.  

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