Unique combination of durability, chemical resistance and nice look.

Super strong M700 – wear-resistant multipurpose polymer concrete floors used for industrial and civil building. Plastobet is perfect for galleries, museums, stores, supermarkets, malls, car salons, gas stations, exhibition halls, fitness centers, beauty salons, office centers, schools, universities, executive office buildings, medical buildings, cinemas, entertainment buildings, airports, railway stations, bus stations, cottages etc.

16 colors of “Plastobet Terrazzo” – allows you to choose any color of polymer concrete that would be right for you.

If you decide to order Plastobet Terrazzo floor, please contact us, we will help you to find a certified contractor, which will do all the works for you.

If you decide to start Plastobet Terrazzo business and want to calculate turnkey business costs or get training, work with us as a SuperpolTM contractor, please write to us, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

Plastobet Terrazzo System includes 4 products:


(basic material)


(adhesion layer)


(polymer additive)



For very hard, flat, smooth, abrasion-resistant and intense loading grinded, polished, smoothed out floors with new and old basis.

Perfect for malls, stores, factories, schools, airports, railways stations, bus stations, car salons, executive office buildings.

High mechanical and chemical polymer floor  resistance

Various fillings and colors

• High luster

• Easy to clean

• Long-lasting

• Quick and easy to make

Good for both indoor and outdoor use

Plastobet-Adhesive – dry Plastobet System component, ready for use after addition of water,  adhesion  improving


To make an adhesion layer,  connecting a new thin-layer floor with an old basis


Provides mechanical tension compensation between the new floor and old basis. Strong adhesion to concrete

 – it’s ready to use modified resin polymer dispersion


Together with Plastobet-Terrazzo used for polymer concrete surface arrangement. 


• Thickens polymer mixture  

Prevents soaking  

Improves abrasive resistance of the surface

Improves Plastobet-Terrazzo flowability.   

• Provides mixture water vapour impermeability

Plastobet- Primer – it’s ready to use modified resin polymer dispersion


 For concrete base priming, together with Plastobet-Adhesive make Thin-layer floor System 


• Thickens basis

• Prevents basis solute water soaking

• Increase adhesion between a solute and a basis

• Improves self-levelling solute flowability  

• Vapour permeability  


- Good for both indoor and outdoor use.

- Thickness – 10-50mm. Recommended thickness – 15-30 mm.

-  Granitic filler durability – М600-М700 .

-  Very high wear resistance (less than 0,2 g/m2).

-  High shock resistance (10-20 kg*m depends on thickness).

-  Bending strength – not less than 12 MPа.

-  Complete dustless polymer concrete floor (after polishing).

-  The surface is vapour permeable.   

-  Antistatic surface (specific electrical resistance – 1,8х109 Ohm*m).

-  Chemical resistance to water, fuels and lubricants, salt solutions, cleansers etc.    

-  Noncombustible surface.

-  Good looking, different colors combining, various fillers etc.    

-  Easy cleaning and service; any kind of detergents is good to use with Plastobet- Terrazzo.


- 100%  ecological compatibility: good for children and medical institutions.

-  The lowest servicing costs per one year of work.

-  Allows to skip buckles smoothing and using protective polymeric impregnation, polymeric coverings or dry hardening toppings.  Provides polymer concrete floor of a high quality, more colorful and durable, with lower costs and thicker in 10 times.      

- Combines benefits from latex concrete cement and cement-polyvinyl-acetate surfaces – waterproofness and oil resistance.

-  Complete conformation to the statutory building norms 2.03.13-88 «Floors».

-  As strong as topping and not only on the top of the flooring surface but all over the layer.

-  Complete resistance to water damaging influence, fuels and lubricants, organic waste, aggressive chemical cleansers etc. 

-  Does not lose qualities, such as good looking, durability and chemical resistance in long-term use.

Good for polishing.

-  Doesn’t need reinforcement.

-  Short technological cycle of needed works (5-8 days).

-  Ready for use – on the next day after work is finished.   

-  Costs are much lower than any other kind of flooring surfaces with the same thickness has.  

-  Decorative color floors; have different colors and designs.

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