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Vacuum Cleaners were created for the construction industry, where large amount of concrete dust forms all the time. These vacuum cleaners are using together with scarifying and grinding machines in the process of hard coverings removing, concrete and stone grinding and polishing. Every model of Lavina vacuum cleaner is different, has different suction power and productivity. Wide range of filters configurations and different systems of dust reset allow you to choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner according to technical requirements of a project.

Lavina offers you a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners depends on the size of a grinding machine (any other equipment) you have. You can choose Lavina vacuum cleaner with a patented function of automatic cleaning of the filter element – after a certain period of time momentary impulse cleans vacuum filter element from duct. It allows using the entire area of the filter continuously and saves the high efficiency of work of a vacuum cleaner.

For ease of movement Lavina vacuum cleaners equipped with special wheels and move handles. Specially designed plastic provides suction durability of hoses. Modern motors provide lowest noise level. Comfortable design of Lavina vacuums helps to do its service and repair quickly and easy.

In order to choose the right model of Lavina Vacuum Cleaner for you special case, please, contact CDC manager.

Compatibility Table of Lavina Vacuums with Lavina Grinders

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