Hydraulic crushers for concrete, attached to the excavator boom, are suitable for breaking armoured concrete and extracting its valves.

Hydraulic crushers for concrete are divided into two types – crushers for primary demolition which have only one compression strength, and hydraulic crushers for secondary demolition and recycling which have two or more compression strengths.

Hydraulic crushers for concrete and metal are two rotating jaws which grip under high pressure of compressed liquid. INDECO hydraulic crushers for concrete can be rotating, with full 360 rotations, and fixed. Rotating models are a bit more expensive, however they are more productive. Strong compression of hydraulic crushers within several seconds is able to crush and destroy huge reinforced concrete constructions. Hydraulic crushers are irreplaceable when recycling concrete to cut huge lumps of concrete buildings and structures with an ongoing extraction of metal valves.  

One of the advantages of the demolition of buildings and reinforced concrete structures with the help of hydraulic crushers is that jaws do not produce stress when cutting reinforced concrete, thus preventing vibration. Hydraulic crushers for concrete can cut metal valves up to 70mm diameter thanks to their unique hard metal attachments fitted at the bottom of the jaws. Being versatile and using a number of replaceable MULTI jaws, hydraulic crushers can be suitable not only for the destruction of concrete structures, but for metal demolition.

However, it is advisable to select hydraulic steel shears for metal.

Today, INDECO introduces a new product for those who professionally destroy old buildings for the purpose of extracting metal. Hydraulic steel shears will increase efficiency, and allow to cut metal structures for further transportation, in addition to reducing the cost of demolition process.

In line attachments INDECO includes:

- Hydraulic small weight from 80 kg to 550 kg.
- Hydraulic average weight from 650 kg to 1900 kg.
- Hydraulic great weight from 2200 kg to 11 tons
- Shear with rotating jaws.
- Shear and rotary sunk.
- Shears for metal.
- Compactors (compacting).
- Grapple (grappling).
- Indeco boom systems - crushing system nehaboritov with stationary boom for quarrying.

If you need a reliable assistant in the destruction - is an Italian hammer Indeko. Learn more about the hammer can be using the Contacts.

We offer one of the best mounted equipment on the world market – hydraulic crushers produced by the Italian company INDECO.

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