Watch the video of INDECO Hydraulic breaker performance

Hydraulic breakers are suitable for rock crushing, work in quarries, loosening of frozen ground, destruction of concrete structures and ripping-up of pavement. This equipment is replaceable, i.e. hydraulic breaker is attached to the excavator boom. Excavators with hydraulic breakers are the main breaking force on the market in demolition processes and performances in quarries.

First of all, INDECO breakers are reliable, unlike the competition. The peculiarity of the working process of breakers is that the mechanism is always exposed to vibrations and pressing, often in extreme weather conditions. Professionals working in the field have known about the quality of INDECO breakers since 2006. Lots of companies that use INDECO breakers are sure of their reliability and efficiency. It is vitally important to select the necessary hydraulic breaker for each type of excavators. The optimum choice of a model will enable you to decrease the pressure on the hydraulic power supply unit, which is of primary importance.

Mid-range and large INDECO hydraulic breakers are fitted with dual shock absorber systems which considerably boost their reliability. All INDECO breakers have a special intelligent hydraulic system.

The intelligent hydraulic system enables them to automatically analyse hardness of the material being demolished, and then selects the energy and frequency of the blows. It simplifies the work of an operator, reduces fuel consumption and prevents unnecessary pressure on excavator rods.

INDECO is experienced in producing mounted equipment. Due to this fact, INDECO hydraulic breakers have always shown good performance in difficult working and weather conditions at small construction sites. Even when working in narrow tunnels and under conditions of high humidity levels, hydraulic breakers will work properly. INDECO slim line cases are well-proportioned and thus do not have protruding details. Such quality of the breakers makes it possible to work in comfort. Universal use of these breakers with versatile materials is provided by interchangeable tools for breakers such as blunt tools, moil point tools and chisel tools, which can be easily replaced if needed.

One of the main features of the INDECO system is a minimal number of components. Their number is much smaller, unlike the competition, and it saves money for their maintenance and service.

In line attachments INDECO includes:

- Hydraulic small weight from 80 kg to 550 kg.
- Hydraulic average weight from 650 kg to 1900 kg.
- Hydraulic great weight from 2200 kg to 11 tons
- Shear with rotating jaws.
- Shear and rotary sunk.
- Shears for metal.
- Compactors (compacting).
- Grapple (grappling).
- Indeco boom systems - crushing system nehaboritov with stationary boom for quarrying.

If you are looking for a reliable machine for destruction, then the Italian INDECO hydraulic breaker is exactly what you need. To know more - use the information in contacts.

Watch the video of INDECO hydraulic breaker at work

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