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Lavina Grinding and Polishing Equipment for Concrete and Stone Floors  

Concrete surface grinding, old surface cover removing, paint and polymer removing - all of that you can easily do with Grinding Machines.

Concrete grinding according to the SuperpolTM means using planetary machines at all stages of surface treatment. First grinding machines operate with diamond segments on a metal key ring. After concrete surface gets a a certain quality metal bond will be replaced by diamond plastic and plastic-felted bunch of different grains. Concrete floor grinding using planetary machine makes concrete floor smooth and glossy.

Planetary LAVINA S machines and diamond consumables from the company Superabrasive included in Superpol ™. 

LAVINA S planetary machine and Superabrasive diamond tools for them are included to Superpol™ System. In choosing a partner, we decided to work with LAVINA S planetary grinding machines. SUPERABRASIVE Famous American Company are producing them. The company now has about 15% of the U.S. polished concrete floor market. Concrete floor grinding with LAVINA S machines – it is a simple and a high-tech technology. That grinding machine will help you to make easily and according to the high standards different works such as stripping old paint, floor grinding, topping floor restoration, floor polishing, stone grinding, marble polishing etc.

SUPERABRASIVE Company continues to invest money into production modernization, carefully cares about its quality. SUPERABRASIVE Company – one of the companies produces not only grinding machines but all the tools you need with that.

Concrete floor grinding with high-quality LAVINA S machines and Superabrasive professional consumable tools it is a best decision for professional use and the lowest cost of the 1 sq.m. of treated area!

All the Lavina machine models can work both ways dry – using industrial vacuum cleaners, and wet – using water. Starts from October 2012 new Lavina S machines and modernized old models are available for sale.

Grinding and polishing Lavina S machines:

  1. All machines have a new planetary belt drive.
  2. New floating heads are fixed now and equipped with QuickChange what allows an instrument to be installed directly on the head.
  3. Lavina S line – it is a brand new water spray system, includes pump allows operator to chose between internal spray (under machine) and spraying right before grinding machine.
  4. The base of machine has a new exclusive feature now – universal hinge system - additional axis which provide flexibility of grinding machine.
  5. Machines that are making concrete polishing and grinding are equipped with improved belt tension system, a belt process lid and a new belt quick changing system.
  6. Light system is directly connected to the drive of machine.
  7. The cable is now attached to the connecting hole located near the control unit.
  8. Among the new features on the S models are next:

          - improved handle

          - improved wheels

          - much more reinforced pulleys, new bearing and strong piles

          - larger and improved cross for safety providing

          - improved double seal for better protection

          - stronger plates on steel base

          - flexibility of machine heads can be regulate now using its 3,4 or 6 rubber bushings

For more information about the grinding machine use, service and tools ask CDC manager.

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