Watch the video of concrete floor cutting with TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS floor saw

A floor saw (slab cutter) is a machine used for cutting concrete and asphalt surfaces till 500mm depths. Types of floor saws include petrol, diesel and electric floor saws.

One of the peculiar features of floor saws is the absence of stationary power system, which allows it to be used autonomously, unlike the electric ones.

Nowadays, this floor saw is mainly required in road building, or for repairing and reconstructing floor surfaces. One of the conditions of its use is that the equipment has to be utilized only in the open air as it emits a considerable amount of exhaust fumes.

In addition, petrol and diesel floor saws are more mobile, autonomous, far more easy to transport, and do not require power supply networks in order to start working.

Electric floor saws are known to be virtually silent and do not cause gas pollution, although in order to work properly they require constant electric power supply, which is not always possible. Such tools are mainly used at construction sites for concrete and reinforced concrete demolition.

Floor saws can be of two types: self-propelled and non-self-propelled. Non-self-propelled floor saws need to be pushed forward, and are suitable for small amounts of work. Self-propelled floor saws have shown their power when laying pipelines and networks, repairing and building roads and motorways. Floor saws are able to carry out challenging tasks for surface demolition, cutting slabs in reinforced and green concrete thanks to their great output and efficiency.

It is obligatory to choose suitable diamond blades and segments so that your floor saw may work efficiently. Different diamond blades are selected for different technical tasks. It is also important to know what floor saw to use, its type and output as well as the information about the type of material to be cut.

While working with electric and petrol floor saws, you have to make sure that the blade receives enough water which prevents it from overheating and increases the lifetime of the diamond blade, as well as contributing to the washing-out of slurry from slabs.

Work with a floor saw is always followed by high noise emissions, dust and gas pollution (for petrol and diesel machines). That is why, it is advisable that everyone use things for individual protection such as respirator masks, gloves and helmets.

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