Electric table saws of versatile sizes are used for laying such building materials as granite, marble, sandstone, stoneware pavement and ceramic tiles. Electric table saw performs absolutely straight and even cutting, as well as angle cutting. Some types of table saws can cut edges by giving them various shapes. Transportation of table saws is problem-free. What is more, they can be dismantled for transportation into manageable parts within several minutes.

The company TYROLIT offers several models of high-quality electric table saws. Being simple and reliable, they show long lifetime at construction sites as they practically do not need repairing. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find table saws at a lower cost. However, before buying a table saw for carrying out professional tasks, you should ask yourself a few questions. Here are some of them:

• Will this table saw perform even cutting?

• Will it not damage expensive tiles or stone?

• Will it be comfortable and safe for the operator to work with this electric table saw?

• How long will it perform?

• How much work can the operator perform during one shift?

• Where will the service for the saw be? Where can you buy diamond blades of high quality?

One of the most important moments of the table saw high quality performance is to select a suitable diamond blade for the material to be cut. TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS table saws stand in class of their own in terms of their stability, perfect even cuts, reliability and efficiency.

TYROLIT electric table saws, along with TYROLIT diamond blades, are the best solution for professional work and by far the lowest cost of the performed work.

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