Watch the video of diamond cutting of reinforced concrete with TYROLIT drilling machine

The most popular type of drilling machines is an electric drilling machine. TYROLIT electric drilling machines fall into two types – handheld drilling machines and drilling machines on a rig.

Handheld drilling machines are used for drilling bricks and light concrete of a small diameter. The power supply of these tools comes up to 220W. Cutting depths can be up to 50-70 cm. The diameter of drilling is 20-60 mm. Unlike electric drilling machines operated on a drill rig, handheld machines have a hand crank to regulate force of the machine and minimize shifting from the axis of drilling.

In order to increase the scale of its use it is possible to fix handheld drilling machines on a rig. TYROLIT drilling machines on a rig are popular for being the most universal tools. They widen the range of applications. Drilling machines on a rig are used for drilling hard stone, armored reinforced concrete, simple concrete and bricks. The power supply for the above mentioned machines ranges from 1.6 kW up to 7.5 kW. Drilling depth is up to 5 meters and more.

The diameter of concrete drilling is from 20 mm to 1000 mm. The TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS hydraulic drilling machine comes in handy when greater power and depth of diamond drilling are needed. These tools are produced for drilling hard rock, armored concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Working with drilling machines requires obligatory water and power supply. Drilling depths depend on the output of the machine; there are no other restrictions.

Drilling machines on a rig are known as the most universal tools. Only these tools widen the range of application in the building industry. They are highly accurate and hardly shift from vertical and horizontal directions. All the TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS drilling machines have a number of unique and innovative advantages such as new stable roller guides, new lightened rig, and others. Timely and qualified service of the WEKA electric motors will allow to avoid long-term standstill connected with repairs.

Concrete drilling is a highly profitable and technologically simple business. Concrete drilling is carried out in no time when using TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS machines. Such drilling machine with 3.2kW output is able to perform a breakthrough in concrete during one working shift. The drilling machine will achieve maximum performance as long as suitable diamond core drills and segments are chosen.

TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS drilling machines are the best solution for professional use. HCCB-6B drilling machine has shown itself as an absolute leader in sales, and the best machine in its class.

Today, in Ukraine concrete drilling is performed with this machine (approximately in 50% of cases), which has gained popularity due to its quality, long lifetime and maintainability.

Diamond cutting, concrete demolition

Diamond cutting of concrete and reinforced concrete is an up-to-date and cost-effective way of accurate demolition of concrete , parts of constructions in the building industry, restoration of buildings, destruction and demolition of foundations, reservoirs, columns, concrete saddles, ceilings and walls, as well as when demolishing airfield and road surfaces.

Diamond drilling is what our business began with. Our company was the first in Ukraine to use diamond technologies for drilling and cutting of concrete and demolition of constructions. For more than 15 years we have been performing diamond cutting and drilling of concrete, demolition with disc and wire saws of the Austrian company TYROLIT. During this period of time we have acquired a unique experience of setting up and implementing the most challenging projects throughout Ukraine:

- diamond cutting of concrete, diamond drilling of concrete, demolition of concrete when restoring and upgrading industrial buildings at construction sites;

- demolition of large concrete parts of hydraulic structures, dams, dikes, hydro- and nuclear power stations;

- diamond cutting of concrete and reinforced concrete of versatile depths and diameters;

- diamond cutting of concrete, and demolition of concrete and asphalt motorways, demolition of concrete on runways, diamond cutting of concrete for pipelines and networks;

- diamond cutting of concrete with diamond wire, partial demolition of bridges, parts of piers, berths and quays, back walls and other constructions;

- diamond cutting of concrete and demolition of concrete parts of cast-in-situ constructions and frame buildings;

- diamond cutting and demolition of concrete when forming holes in reinforced concrete of various thickness and reinforcement.

For more than 10 years we have been involved in the development and implementation of demolition projects throughout the country. We were successful in carrying out more than 1000 contracts. Our clients are major companies in the building industry, industrial organizations working in various branches, and building companies.

Our advantages:

The structure of our company allows us to successfully carry out several large-scale demolition projects, and at the same time control the quality and terms of the working procedure.

Cost-effective way of running demolition projects, development of work production plan, assessment of terms and cost of the project are done quickly and professionally.

The processes of diamond cutting of concrete, diamond drilling and concrete demolition are performed with the best tools produced by the Austrian company TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS.

Our mobile service, Service Centre, warehouse for spare tools, and a huge park of machines allow us to avoid standstill at construction sites.

The workforce of our company amounts to 30 and includes highly-skilled engineers, foremen and machine operations. The majority have unique 10-12 years of experience in setting up and implementing projects for diamond cutting of concrete, demolition of reinforced concrete constructions with the use of diamond technologies.

If needed, we always use of crawler machinery for demolition, track mounted equipment, remove and recycle the crushed lumps.

The company has all the necessary documents and can carry out around-the-clock service in compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

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