Watch the video of the technology of TYROLIT diamond wire cutting

TYROLIT diamond wires are slim steel multi-conductor wires of high strength fitted with diamond elements (rings). TYROLIT diamond wires are developed by experts working for a well-known SWAROVSKI group of companies. Diamond wires are used for cutting reinforced concrete and stone at construction sites or quarries, as well as in stone-working machines on a daily basis. Diamond wires are covered with a layer of special plastic to fix diamond rings and protect diamond wire from corrosion. Connectors serve to attach the ends of the diamond wire.

TYROLIT diamond wires stand for high quality of diamond wire cutting, long lifetime, stable and efficient performance for professionals. The TYROLIT diamond wire has 40 diamond cutting elements in STANDART** series, and 46 diamond cutting elements in PREMIUM*** series. TYROLIT diamond wires for cutting reinforced concrete have already been used in Ukraine for more than 10 years. Diamond wires work on modular diamond stands when diamond cutting and demolishing thick reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, piers and berths, reservoirs and columns, foundations and back walls, etc. The TYROLIT diamond wire is not only good at cutting reinforced concrete on TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS modular machines, but also on other manufacturers’ machines.

Diamond wires are not subject to restoration. After being fully worn, it is necessary to buy a new diamond wire. Productivity of diamond wires depends on a number of factors: correct placement of driving and centre rollers, correct reeving of the rope on the modular machine, operator’s qualifications, etc. Whether the diamond wire wears or not depends on the number of metal valves and the quality of concrete.

Diamond wire cutting is one of the most technological ways of cutting hard metals. Diamond wires are often replaced by diamond blades of a big diameter, although each type of these technologies has the right to exist.

To cut and treat stone (granite or marble) other diamond wires are used. To select a suitable diamond wire, you should apply to the manager of the CDC.

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