Watch the video of new TYROLIT PREMIUM 4 in 1 diamond blades. TGD technology + 100% efficiency, unlike any competition. Dry cutting of metal! Reinforced concrete and granite with only one blade to 230mm – 350mm diameter.

Diamond blades are metal discs with soldered diamond segments. Diamond blades are used in various branches for hard natural and artificial material cutting, as well as for grinding and surface treatment. Our company offers TYROLIT diamond blades developed by Austrian experts working at the plants of a well-known SWAROVSKI group, who take into consideration 80 years of experience in diamond and abrasive tool production. Our Service Centre restores diamond blades (diamond segments welding) for reinforced concrete and granite cutting. The best German metal cases, wisely selected diamonds, high-quality bonds and diamond segments and multilevel system of quality control make TYROLIT diamond blades and core drills advantageous and reliable at jobsite.

TYROLIT diamond blades are the cheapest on the market as regards the cost of 1 meter of cutting. It is not only the words. TYROLIT differs from other manufacturers in maximum efficiency, fair price, reliability and long lifetime. TYROLIT diamond tools and blades have leading positions on the markets in a number of countries, and are popular among the professionals working in various branches such as construction and reconstruction of road surfaces, airline runways, construction of concrete autobahns, asphalt cutting, demolition work on diamond cutting of concrete and reinforced concrete, paving and treating tiles and other materials made of concrete, granite, sandstone and marble.

A wide range of diamond blades are available at our website. We form warehouses in compliance with our customers’ needs and also carry out individual tasks. Diamond blades for cutting concrete, granite, reinforced concrete, asphalt, marble, laser soldered blades and diamond segments for wall saws, floor and table saws, diamond cup wheels and core drills, will make your work easy, fast and cost-effective.

Our clients will always have the opportunity to buy high-quality diamond segments for concrete cutting and drilling, as well as diamond blades for wall saws, floor saws and electric table saws. If necessary, we will restore diamond core drills and blades, and solder diamond segments.

For experts working in the field of stone cutting we will offer diamond segments, wires and other types of professional diamond tools for gang saws, quarry and stationary wire machines. Diamond segments and wires for cutting granite, marble and stone, and diamond segments and wires for reinforced concrete cutting are two completely different things.

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