On the territory of Ukraine there are a lot of stone mining and processing enterprises. A huge amount of granite of the highest quality and different fanciful colours is mined and processed in our country. Some of the enterprises are concentrated on the production of crushed granite. They blow up the rock, and then use the stationary and mobile crushing and screening equipment. However, some owners of quarries and investors are increasingly investing considerable amounts of money in the development of granite and marble quarries for the production of blocks. Then these blocks undergo a multistage processing and change into stones by cutting granite and marble. The processing of granite and marble is not always needed. Stone is often sold in blocks, thinly cut slabs or blanks that are sawed apart.

Wire and disc machines are used while cutting granite slabs and blanks. For many years the Italian and German companies have been leaders in the production of machinery for stone working. The stone working machine manufacturers recommend that only high-quality diamond tools for cutting granite and marble should be used. Our company offers a wide range of diamond wires and diamond discs for cutting granite and marble. We have a welding center with modern equipment for diamond tool restoration. To weld diamond segments we use inductor welding machine and high quality 45% silver braze. We always open diamonds by using a special sharping machine. We supply diamond segments and bodies for single-disc stone cutting machines of national and imported production, for the gang saws PEDRINI, PELLEGRINI and other makes as well as for mining machines and stationary wire and disc machines of different manufacturers.

We supply and restore the bodies and discs for granite cutting with the diameter from 600mm to 3,500 mm. For effective, professional cutting of granite and other stones you need to find the right diamond tool. To do this we need to know:

• the type and marking, the name of the manufacturer

• the type of cutting material

• the cutting parameters and modes

For proper selection of diamond tools for cutting, address the CDC managers.