Watch the video of TYROLIT hydraulic concrete breaker

The TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS hydraulic breaker is an innovative solution for demolition and destruction of huge concrete structures. Demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete of vast thickness (up to 450mm) can be considerably simplified by using the hydraulic concrete breaker.

You will have to cut reinforced concrete of 200mm diameter in a certain geometric sequence. Then, you insert drilling bits of the concrete breaker into a hole, and start it. You can use four or even eight drilling bits at a time! You will get huge cracks or a broken reinforced concrete structure. In Europe there is a special system of calculating the results of the demolition process performed by concrete breakers. You will also be able to calculate sizes of cracks if you know exactly the map of the reinforced concrete structure, which is practically possible to do in Ukraine.

Concrete breakers have been widely used throughout Europe for more than 25 years. The main advantage of a concrete breaker is its ability to destroy and demolish reinforced concrete without using load impact on the structure. An important advantage is low noise emissions and short terms of demolition, even at the most serious sites.

Simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the demolition process carried out by the TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS concrete breaker have proven that it can be widely used in Ukraine, too. For instance, it was utilized to demolish concrete fountains at Maidan Nezalezhnosti in 2001, as well as at hundreds of other difficult sites. Concrete breakers consist of a hydraulic power system of high pressure and expansion shells. A concrete breaker allows you to tear a small reinforcement inside a concrete structure. However, concrete breakers cannot tear huge metal structures. In such cases hydraulic breakers and pick hammers come in handy. Some part of the construction might need cutting with diamond wire or blade.

When choosing technologies for demolition, it is recommended that you should consult with professionals who may help you make the right choice.

Combined solutions with the use of the TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS concrete breaker, diamond breakers and robotic demolition of buildings with the help of excavators are, as a rule, the most efficient.

TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS concrete breakers are a unique development of the Swiss company and are sold worldwide under various names and trademarks. We will provide you with the best conditions for buying the TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS concrete breaker directly from the manufacturer. It is also worth remembering that you should not only have a concrete breaker at your construction site, but also a drilling machine and diamond core drills of 250mm diameter.

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