There are two new models of the Burnisher on the market, starts from 2014.

- Model B36GS is a first on the world 3 Disc Burnisher;

- Increased weight and pressure on a floor surface;

- Both models have a built-in dust collector. 

Amano Pioneer Eclipse

PE420BU- 21" with clutch and dust control;

PE420BU- 24" with clutch and dust control;             

PE420BU- 28" with clutch and dust control;               

PE420BU- 40" with clutch and dust control. 

The PE420BU is a propane powered, ultra-high speed burnisher that gives floor care professionals the options they want to customize a machine to their needs, provides quality floor service and cleaning.

Based on the decades popular Mean Machine, the PE420BU is available in four different widths - 21, 24, 28, & 40 inches (53, 61, 71, and 102 cm, respectively). Each model comes standard with a 12-volt on board electric starter and clutch. A passive vacuum and EcoSense emissions monitoring system are optional at extra charge (active vacuum is standard on the 40" model). Powered by an 18-HP, 603 cc Kawasaki engine, the PE420BU uses 34 percent less fuel and requires 40 percent fewer oil changes than other machines in its class.