CDC CUP 2012 Video - Concrete Cutting and Drilling Championship

Electric, petrol and hydraulic handheld cutting machines are utilized for repairing and restoration, cutting small holes, cutting walls for windows and doorways, cutting curbstone and cobble, cutting pipes and ducts, cutting metal, etc.

Our company offers high-quality state-of-the-art petrol and handheld cutting machines of various types produced by the Swede concern Husqvarna. Handheld machines and petrol cutting machines have a number of unique technical advantages, and are, without a doubt, reliable and easy to work with. Petrol and electric cutting machines produced by this company are second to none thanks to their weight, low noise emissions, practical design and a good placement of hand cranks. All the cutting machines both, petrol and electric, are fitted with anti-vibration system to make them more user-friendly. We can be absolutely sure in saying that Husqvarna cutting machines are the best solution for professional work.

A new Active Air Filtration system is a highly efficient protection of machines from dust, which increases the service life of the engine of electric and petrol cutting machines in conditions of very polluted environment (for instance, dry concrete cutting).

The innovative shape of electric and petrol cutting machines and their light weight contribute to the efficiency of the operator’s work.

X-Torq is a unique engine technology that reduces exhaust emissions by up to 75 % and fuel consumption by up to 20 %, in comparison with rival makes.

Fitted automatic system for filter compensation Smart Card preserves high output and decreases fuel consumption.

The simplicity of starting the engine is provided by a decompression valve and air purge.

The managers in the CDC are ready to demonstrate all the abilities of handheld and petrol cutting machines. We will help you select diamond and abrasive blade for various types of handheld cutting machines, and for any material.

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