The 21st century is the century of innovations. Nowadays, implementation of ideas and business development in various fields is possible only due to introduction of new technologies which substantially improve economics as well as allowing us to do things which seemed difficult or impossible earlier. In today’s business, competitive advantages are primarily dependent on the efficient use of resources at your disposal. Modern technologies and innovations lead to economical profitability of business, minimize costs, increase profits, and let the owners be successful in their business.

For more than 15 years the CDC Company has been carefully analyzing and synthesizing experience and innovative development of world leaders in the treatment of hard building materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, ceramics etc., offering Ukrainian market B2B only the best and verified solutions adapted to working conditions in Ukraine. By using our technology for demolishing, cutting, grinding, crushing, milling, polishing and other processing of hard materials, you can significantly reduce your costs, work quickly and efficiently, earn more confirming or acquiring a reputation as a top professional.


Concrete cutting and drilling.  Polished Concrete.  Hydraulic Breakers and Shears.  Metal Processing.  




Cutting and drilling of concrete

Diamond - is the hardest material on the Earth. Artificial and sometimes natural diamonds are often used for the production of various cutting tools. With the help of these tools we can cut very hard materials such as concrete and reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt, etc. In such cases we use diamond techniques.


Concrete polished floors

Our company offers ready-made turnkey business. If you have decided to work with polished concrete floors at a professional level, or want to offer high-quality concrete floors to a customer as a project or a designer decision, or as a service and maintenance solution, we will be there to help you.


Hydraulic breakers, crushers

Today, it is difficult to imagine demolition and crushing of building structures, foundations, and work in the pit for hard rock designing without hydraulic excavator. Excavators are equipped with high-quality attachments for crushing and demolition and are able to perform the enormous volume of work in the shortest terms.

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⇒   Restoration of diamond tools, segment welding

⇒   Concrete diamond cutting and concrete demolition

⇒   Mechanized demolition of buildings

⇒   Metal Processing center

⇒   Service and repair of construction equipment